563f3e8cf908b3c3c8b0a84434a503c7Baby Boomers: A Short History

Once we were the largest population segment in the U.S. We dominated business, medicine, education, and more. Into the work force we marched with the confidence of knowing we were the majority placeholders, in fact, we were the ONLY placeholders. But now our position has been usurped by the encroachment of Generation Xers and Millennials who now dominate the workforce where we were previously kings and queens. Indeed, Millenials have officially outnumbered us in the general population, totaling 75.4 million to our 74.9 million.

We Baby Boomers know our story: starting after World War II, we were part of the explosion of babies across the land that culminated in 1964 when our birth rates fell off and the Gen Xers began their ascendancy.  From 1965 to 1981, this group known as “The Middle Child”, never reached the numbers of their preceding or succeeding generations. Then along came Millenials, born from 1982 to 1998, who now dominate the landscape.

But tell me something – isn’t it really a relief not to be responsible for the entire world, because that’s the way we raised our families, did our jobs, studied and played. It was all out with a boat load full of ethics, effort and integrity. We can be proud of the way we lived in and dealt with our world.

Why Baby Boomer Mama?

It’s time to have fun. It’s time to explore all the things we never had time to do before. That’s why I’ve started this blog. Think of it as our little corner of the Baby Boomer world – a place to read, write, post pictures and have conversation. This is a simple little effort but one I hope you enjoy and contribute to.